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United States
I'm a yuri hypno fanfic writer. Basically I write stories in which a female villain(s) or monster girl(s) charm/hypnotize/brainwash heroines to be their loyal loving pets. I try to be creative when I can, using whatever methods I would think could prove to be interesting and enchanting. Most of my fanfics have to deal with Final Fantasy or Sailor Moon, but I do dabble in other stories. I have a tenacity to write really long fics, and sometimes include multiple endings, or rather large "captions"(or rather short stories around a pic). Most of my fics are over at the adult yahoo group ricobanderas9 VG/Anime Bad Girls Seducing Good Girls and it's subsequent VIP groups.

I'm a rather large yuri fan, and a yuri purist(i.e. no foreign objects), so I have a lot of fun writing these fics, but I always really appreciate comments. I also go by the names Lurker3009, Allan, and Rainday.
Yo people, just figured I toss this out here.  I am not a wealthy person by any means, however, I am a decent fanfic writer if anything.  The story I've posted here is one of my shorter works, but it's something I do quite often for pics I find across the internet(i.e. write stories for).  If you wish to see more, you can go to ricobanderas9 yahoo group… (you require a yahoo idea and must be a adult, but after that just send a message expressing your interest and you're in), go to the captions folder in pictures, and look for anything by Lurker3009.

Anyway, the point.  I have little to no money, but I do have a lot of ideas.  Ideas that I could write good length stories about, and if you are a artist with some skill(or someone from the group who wishes to commission something) but have little in the writing or concept creation area, I would like to lend my talents to you for something that is mutually beneficial.  Basically what I'm trying to say is you give me a pic, and I give you a story to go with it.  How it would work?  Well, what worked well last time was I asked the guy(Playstyle) what he liked, offered him some ideas to pick from.  He picked one, and I wrote a story for it, in return he drew a pic(and then I tailored my story a little to better fit the pic).  It might be more efficient for you to send me a rough draft, then I create a story for it, but whatever works.  

As for subject material, my bread and butter as it were are Sailor Moon & Final Fantasy(Castlevania would be something I would love to do, having played nearly all the 2d ones), but I do have a wide range of experience with other games and anime.  The stories would be yuri, femdom, and hypnosis themed of course, though I can do additional themes like evil conversion, monster girl transformation, bondage, and rubber/latex brainwashing suits, stuff like that...  As for length, most of the stories I do for pics are a page or two long, and take a day or two to write.  If you want a longer one, I can do that, but I usually write as much as it takes to fit the pic and then some.

So, if you're interested, or have any questions, leave a comment, send me a note, or send me a email at, I check all these a few times over the course of a day.  Also, I hope this didn't come over as rude or egotistically in anyway, I'm a rather humble and person with little self confidence, so I apologize in advance ^__^;  I just wanted to put this out there, just in case their was a slim opportunity for this to bear fruit =)


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